Woman's three-piece costume. Description: a: Black waffle weave (wool?) coat with pearl-gray lining, black and white Gray Shop label at nape, long sleeves, pocket on either side, tab/roll collar. b: Dress, black (wool) with waffle weave cloth, matching coat, around "V" neck and down front, decorative button on tab at neck, zips down back. c: Belt, black (leather?) with slope on buckle, "Anna Miller" - size ten (10). Condition: very good. a: 37" nape to hem. 15 1/2" across shoulders. b: 40-3/4" neck to hem. 15" across shoulders. c: 33" x 2-1/8". Size ten. Remarks: All items from Gray Shop. Donor purchased these when approximately sixty-five (65) years old and about five feet tall. The coat is about 4" shorter than the dress. It is consistent in the way they used the trimming. (Claudia Kidwell, 5/11/1994)

Used: adult | Female | Mrs. Doxsee

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