c. 1880
12 in HIGH
(30.48 cm HIGH)
Gift of Mrs. Morgan North

Skirt - Hand knitted skirt with a yarn drawstring at the waist to gather the knitting to fit the waist. This yarn is white, as is the top portion of the skirt. The bottom of the skirt is blue. The top white section runs horizontally, the narrower white section below it runs alternately horizontally and vertically, and the bottom blue section is alternately horizontal and vertical (ridges). Extra white yarn has been worked into one section near the waistline in order to darn it. There is a slit in back from the waistline which becomes a seam ending at the hem. Ankle length. Dimensions: 4-1/4" long, 10" circumference at the hem. References/Remarks: The donor is the daughter-in-law of Emma Morgan North, the sister of architect Julia Morgan. (J. Handley, 1991) The doll is probably a Bru, but as it is unmarked, one can only guess. It appears to be like those that were marked "Brevette", an earlier type made by the Bru firm. the face, body and hands are all Bru characteristics.

Used: Oak Center neighborhood

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