c. 1880
12 in HIGH
(30.48 cm HIGH)
Gift of Mrs. Morgan North

Shoe - Black leather girl doll's shoe with open instep and ankle strap. The shoe below the instep is rounded, as is the toe. The outer sole is of beige leather imprinted with "OOO" at the toe and a fancy "B" inside a pointed oval at the ball of the foot. The sole is flat with no heel. The interior sole is covered with white cardboard. The front upper interior is the back side of the leather, while the back upper interior is covered with a woven off-white fabric. The top of the exterior shoe near the instep is decorated with a silver metal buckle (silver colored) made of small circles, under which is a scalloped piece of black leather. The ankle strap and instep are outlined in brown ribbon. The ankle strap is open at the front with a rounded shiny black shank button at each end. A woven string held behind one button hooks over the other button to hold the shoe to the ankle. Dimensions: 1-7/8" long, 7/8" wide at the ball of the foot, 1-3/4" high. References/Remarks: The donor is the daughter-in law of Emma Morgan North, the sister of architect Julia Morgan. (J. Handley, 1991) The doll is probably by Bru, but as it is unmarked, one can only guess. It appears to be like those that were marked "Brevette", an earlier doll made by the Bru firm. the face, body and hands are all Bru characteristics.

Used: Oak Center neighborhood

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