c. 1958
Gift of Merry Renk

Fusion Artwear, Oakland Museum of California, Dece,ber 11, 1998.

tunic. Description: loom-formed tunic (tubular construction) of silk and linen (ochre-green) with inlays of brown, pink, blue, orange and yellow,; batteau neck-line, no sleeves; lined in buff colored, light, plain weave silk. Dimensions: 20-1/2" across shoulders x 26-1/4" shoulder to hem. History: Woven by Trude Cuermonprez (nee Jalowetz), who taught textiles at California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California; and who was the subject of an exhibition, in which this piece was display, The Oakland Museum, Art Department, Nov. 13 - Dec. 26, 1982. References/Remarks: See Hazel Bray's catalogue on the exhibition mentioned above. This is an example of a regional garment because it preserves the loom. It is a very simple, interesting piece. It is done selvage to selvage. It looks like she has taken the loops, married them and knitted them together. (Harold Koda, 12/10/1993) This is one of the few pieces of art-to-wear the designer did. She is a weaver. This could have been constructed entirely on the loom. Is the warp running top to bottom? May have been taken out of the loom and had the warp added by hand. You can see the selvage at the arms and bottom slit. (IBM, 12/10/1993)

Used: adult | Female

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