11 in WIDE
(27.94 cm WIDE)
Gift of Yvonne Mooers Silva

Postcards written and illustrated on shirt collars and shirt cuffs, family photographs. The writer and artist was Frank Walsh, a miner working in Arizona mines. The recipient was Guy Mooers, his best friend who had worked with him in Arizona and later worked in the California gold mines. Guy Mooers was born in 1884 and emigrated from Wales where his father was a coal miner. He married Anna Sandwich who he met while he was mining in Goldfield Nevada. He moved from strike to strike but Anna established a boarding house for miners in Nevada City to support the family where daughter Yvonne was born in 1914. Guy Mooers died of black lung when he was about 50, in 1924. This particular post card has a humorous sketch of the artist coping with the heat of Arizona.

Used: Guy Mooers | Sierra City

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