Page taken form periodical "the Delineator". Has two sides. pgs.17 and 18. Page 18 is in color. On this side one woman is wearing a "saxe-blue French broadcloth with satin passememterie Coat 1683, with kimono sleeves". The other woman is wearing a "Burgandy-red velvet with braided suede vest Suit 1709, with trimming band". The reverse side is in black and white. It shows patterns of dresses "Rose-pink cloth with silk-covered cord and lace Over-Blouse 1621; Skirt 1732, 1621, of Irish and bruges lace, 1732, of mahogany satin cloth, Construction view 1732 Back view of 1678" Also "1709. Ladies' Two-Piece Suit...." and 1732. Ladies' Skirt, with tunic or overskirt...."

Used: fashion

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