7 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(17.78 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Sandi Fox

Grant, Oakland 1914, California. Hugo Weitz, Foto.;3011 Capp St., Fruitvale, Greater Oakland, Cal...5.Harriet E. Davis,7. Gordon Kerr, 8.Edwin McGuire,10. Douglas Miller,11. Gertrude Woorrall, 12.Ada S. Gray, 14.Hannah C. Stewart,15.Alfred Goz,16.Donald Jones,17.Herbert Jee,18.Allan Morse,19.Charles Hansen,20.Harman Eckhart,21.Florence McDonald,22.Gertrude Scanlon,23.Gladys Crow,24.Grace Hjelte,25.Ruth E. Moore,26.Lois Mcgraw,27.Bernice Stratton,28.Elva Wolcott,29.Dorothy A. Soehl,30.Lucile Genoux, 31.Gertrude Norton,32.Maxine Grimm, 33.Matilda Hartdegen,34.Frederick Renner,35.Ramond Kitchener,36.Shelby Hodapp,37.Bernard Gallagher,38.Dorothy Hollmann,39.Pauline Worth,40. Katherine Russell,41.Clint Brown,42. Harold Noacs,43.Stanley E. Ogden,44.Erminie Wadersheim,45.Harold Whalma,46.Helen Love,47.Mildren Jones,48.Patricia Peterson, 49.Muriel E. Atkinson, 50.Bunny Bunnell,51.Fred Nyguist,52.George Levy,54.Wallace Colley.

Series of names written on the back of the photograph may be the people shown in the photograph, however the order of the names and the images don't correspond.

Used: Grant School | Fruitvale | Childhood

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