This quilt is very unusual in that it is pieced (crazy quilt) front and back. Several of the the fabrics are repeated. There are two black background fabrics, printed with many bright colored flowers, one of daisy-like flowers, the other of hydrangea, these are used on the front and the back of the quilt. There are "prairie points" on all four edges. Some of the fabrics are rotting. The donor purchased the quilt from Alberta Boone Barrett, for whom the quilt was made. The quilt was made in the 1930's by Mary Taylor (grandmother), Anna Boone (mother), and Ella Rothamel (aunt) in Oakland. (5/30/01-from the donor's file) Mary Tyler, the maker of the quilt, arrived in San Francisco with her mother, as a small child. They came from Glasgow, Scotland. They landed on the day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Her mother said to her "Mary, something terrible has happened, I don't know what, don't talk." From San Francisco they traveled to Boise, Idaho, where they lived for some years. By 1930, Mary Taylor and her daughters Anna Doone and Ella Rothmel had moved to Oakland California. (5/30/01-from the donor's file)Ella Durant Garrison came to California in 1855 with her maternal grandmother, Hannah Brown Williams Baldwin. Also in the party were Mrs.Baldwin's son George Baldwin and her daughter, Catherine Baldwin. Ella was 10 years old at the time. Also in the party was Ella's sister Olivia, aged 8. The two girls had been orphaned. The party came by mule train across Panama. They landed in San Francisco where Marcus Baldwin (another son) was working as a jeweler. By the end of the year the family had settled in Piedmont.

Used: bedding | Alberta Boone Barrett | Quilting

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