Thank You!
c. 1960-1965
4.5 in HIGH x 9 in WIDE
(11.43 cm HIGH x 22.86 cm WIDE)
Gift of The Emporium

Template for a thank you notice composed of pieced togeter cut out graphics and text produced by the graphics department. In the margin is written in blue pencil, "brown ink on pink stock." The notice reads: "Thank you for notifying us of your change of address. May we call your attention to our home furnishings "Shop-at-Home-Service" offering you decorator assistance at no additional cost. Of course Capwell's credit services are available for your convenience." The ad shows a woman holding a telephone to her ear. The woman has a sixties style short hairdo. The ad also reads: "Ask for "Shop-at-Home-Service" and lists Oakland, Walnut Creek, Hayward and El Cerrito stores and their telephone numbers. The notice would be sent out to Capwell's charge customers who notified Capwell's of their change of address. The notice would offer the customer decorator assistance for their new home.

Used: Emporium Capwell Co.

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