c. 1980-1985
5.625 in HIGH x 5 in WIDE
(14.29 cm HIGH x 12.70 cm WIDE)
Gift of Ms Meuy Yaan Saeteurn

Small drawstring bag, with red cotton drawstring at top, decorated with large tassels of bright magenta and gold colored yarn. The top edge of the bag is decorated with a band of red cotton cord, set against a band of black. Below the black band is an appliqued band of red/white/red. The rest of the bag is embroidered. There's a geometric pattern on the front, with a blue and white checkered border embroiderred. The back is decorated with floral motifs. The bag is edged with red cord, with bright yellow embroidered at the two bottom corners. This cloth bag was embroidered and made by the donor, Meuy Yaan Saeteurn, while she lived in Laos, before 1985. She came to California from a Thailand Refugee Camp in 1985. She learned to embroider from her mother, from her grandmother and from friends.

Used: Meuy Yaan Saeteurn | Mien | Thailand Refugee Camp | Oakland

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