Class portrait of the Melrose School(which later would become Horace Mann). Written on the back of the photograph: (Top Row) Harold Schwarz, Harold Gardner, Leonard Avery, George Taves, Philip Tuttle, (2nd row) Ambrose Furrer, Thelma Chattuck, Adelle Morgan, Louise Schwarze, Lucile Drake, Frank Reilly, Loretta Stone, Mary Cook, Avis Nelson, Rutledge Sheets, Robert Painter, (3rd Row) Gerald Kennedy, Edmund Nelson, Ethel Dahl, Margret Hansen, Otto Deithe, Mary Berry, Elmer Jackson, Evelyn Reed, Lilian Berry, Margaret Fenn, (Front Row) Oliver Sjoberg, Minerva Jones, Irene Stevens, Herbert Smith, Esther Geller(Vice President), Vernon Nosnak (President), Vallejo Nielsen, Pauline Carriger, Ethel Ruh, Alfred Robinson. (G. Morgan: It is unclear as to whether this is the Fairfax Neighborhood of the Melrose Neighborhood.)

Used: Melrose School

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