wheel thrown


This is a white bisque wheel-thrown footed vase. The vase is unglazed and has banded decoration at the top and center. The shape of the vase is a slightly concave cylinder at top, which starts...


This is wheel-thrown earthenware vase made with buff colored clay and glazed transparent olive green. The overall shape is cylindrical with a footed base. Decorative beading design appears...


Earthenware cup that is wheel thrown and hand built. Cup has a notch cut out extending from handle almost through to opposite side. Handle is shaped like the top of a question mark and rests on...


Wheel thrown earthenware vase. Vase has a classic form with a round bottom, a wide flared neck and two small handles at base of neck. Vase is brown and is decorated with blue glaze forming...


Small round stoneware casserole dish (A) with lid (B). Both have beige and rust colored glaze. Lid has a loop handle at top center that is encircled by three brown fish.


Red clay earthenware wheel thrown round plate or platter. Top side has a glazed finish in cobalt, brown, gold and orange. A cobalt spiral is in the center.


Wheel thrown ceramic bowl (A) with lid (B). Both have a dark green glaze. Lid is sculpted on top with a hippopotamus head in the center surrounded by lily pads and frogs.


Small wheel thrown white clay jar with lid. Jar has a small sculpted mouse on the side. Lid is in the shape of a spool of twine and has a lizard with blue stripes on top acting as the handle....


White earthenware wheel thrown bowl with yellow and black glaze. Flat center of inside of bowl is solid yellow, as is top outside edge. There black stripes circling the sides both inside and out...

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