Group of artifacts excavated from and found at the site of the Old Oakland Project of Storek & Storek. Objects formerly exhibited at the Oakland Museum Storefront Museum.


This is a glazed earthenware vase with floral slip decoration. The decoration appears only on the outside of the vessel's round chamber, which sits on a footed base. A band of beading...


white stoneware sculpted teapot (A) with lid (B). Pot (A) is decorated on both sides and bottom with an airplane decorated with stars and two clouds (bottom only has one cloud). It has a...


Hand formed clay platter attached to a two inch cylindrical base. Platter is rough-formed and raku fired. An abstract design in brown, beige and cream with etched and painted lines decorate the...


Small square stoneware plate with raised rim. Rim is cobalt blue and center is white with an abstract painted design in blue, brown, green and yellow.


Terracotta tile form with a wire mount for displaying on an angle. Tile has a square base with spiral and leaf-like shaped forms on top. Top of piece is glazed in a brown and yellow finish.


Stoneware large rectangular plate with raised edges. Back of plate is unglazed. Top is glazed brown or black and has a beige figure painted in the center which is scribbled over with red slip....


Square stoneware plate with metal hanger. Back is unglazed. Front is black or brown and has a figure in beige on left and red and yellow slip brush strokes to right.

ca. 1920

Camelot-type image of knights on horses with a forest and castle. Mural is comprised of 3 tiles.

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