Bud Smoke Er
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is "Bud Smoke Er" printed in red on a bed of green marijuana leaves. At the bottom of the poster is a stylized color image of three frogs sitting on a...

We Are Not The Only Species
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a cartoon-like image of a forest that has been cut down, leaving only brown stumps on the green grass. Black border around the image printed on white paper. Below the image is black...

Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster separated into two section by a vertical black line down the center. At the left is "Yes 130 / Forests Forever / institutes strict policy of sustainable forestry" with a tall tree growing...

Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black text, red, green, and blue graphics and a blue border printed on white paper. Border looks like twisted roots, forming peace symbols at the four corners. Across the top is "...

Zane Grey
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster shows a cartoon scene of the woods with woodland creatures hiding in and among the trees at the left - the right side of the forest is just stumps with a road at the bottom right. Above the...

c. 1902

Image shows four men in outdoor clothing posing in front of two very tall trees in a forrest, they all have on hats and are carrying walking sticks.

c. 1935

This is a black and white photograph of a gnarled tree stump.

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