c. 1980s

The image on this card has an out of focus background with three metallic silver colored circles with a lever in them, and three levers with no circles. The images is described as: "tips of...

c. 1980s

This card has a gray background,black lines along the two longer edges, and one going across, with a red button that reads: "Emergency Pull." (This is called the Power Disconnect button.)


This card has a pink and blue section at the top, with a white section on the proper left side. There are many yellow wires at the bottom. The image on this card is called a voltage distribution...

c. 1980s

This card has a dark background, prbably navy blue, over which are fine light blue lines, and two small, white dotted circles. The image is called: "computer drawn dynamic blueprint."

c. 1980s

This card has an ocher background with a series of metallic silver ridges and dots. The image is described as: "circuit board connections."

c. 1980?

This card features the "data cell brake assembly." In the center of the image is a silver colored object that appears to be like a nut (the type of nut that fits with a bolt, not the kind one...

c. 1980s

This card features two circles, the one on the proper right is white, the one on the proper left is red. The image is called: "magnetic tape drive."

c. 1980s

This card has a dark gray border and features a large red and white switch. The tope reads (in white letters) "Power On" and the bottom reads (in white letters) "Power Off." The image is called...

c. 1980s

This card has an off-white background with rows of black and red buttons or switches. The images is called: "data and Parity display."

c. 1980s

This card features an image of "sense amplifiers." The elements are vertical bars (stripes) of red, accented by vertical bards (stripes) of black,


Card. Description: certification card, Eagle Scout, Henry Yoshimoto, Poston, Ariz, June 4, 1945, white with pendent (sic) eagle.

From the History Information Station:


ca. 1919

Box of toy cards. Description: Complete deck of miniature playing cards with joker in a red and white "Little Duke, Toy Cards No. 24" box. a-m. Club suite. n-z. Diamond suit. aaa. Joker. bbb...

Paper idol card with a man on it and Chinese writing on the back. Per donor: Flat card and in color, red and black. Length 8.5cm. Width 6cm and depth 1mm. I got this card from a machine in...

Card. Description: business card of old woman in a shoe color lithograph Mesmer Smith Shoe Co. Oakland.

Oct. 13, 1946

Card. Description: Card: East Oakland Exchange Club, Annual Picnic. History: donor's uncle was also in Alameda County Sheriff's Dept. Remarks: donor says it is OK to discard frames and glass...


Card admission ticket. Description: "Admit One Commencement Exercises / June 2, 1915"


Four items relating to memorial services for President William McKinley, September 19, 1901. Description: (a) Program. "Memorial Service for the late President of the United States, William...


Card. Description: Klu Klux Klan member riding horse, both in costume. KKK, Oakland, 22 August, 1925.

four 4 x 6 cards of Fred Reed Co.,; ads, cooperation, to be distributed to salesmen.

(DC 7/92) The four cards exhort real estate salesmen to sell property in Country Club Heights; full of...


White card, printed in blue with the leading title "Vote Yes on Peace" and also "Vote Yes to end the War" in Porposition P. It refers to the war in Vietnam


A yellow paper card for the FREE STUDENT UNION at the University of California Berkeley, Spring of 1965, which states "As students we have certain rights which no agency can legitimately grant or...


Card with "Pledge of Allegiance" printed in white cardstock, with a border. It was posted in a classroom in Mira Vista Elementary School in Richmond.


Small card, lithographed with a full color garden scene, a figure on a bridge with two thatched roof cottages and a church tower in the rear. A verse from the Bible is printed across the bottom...

c. 1946

Some sort of a card from the Oakland Larks. The teams name and a drawing of a baseball player holding a bat with "West Caost Champions" on the side of it are embossed on the card.

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