This cartoon might have been created to run in one of the local newspapers at the end of Mayor Morcom"s term, or it might have been created as a keepsake for the Mayor to take with him at the end...


Glossy black and white photograph shows (L-R) unidentified woman in a tweed coat with a fur collar (the heel of her white shoe resting on the edge of the runningboard of the De Soto convertible...


Street scene on a corner with a fire hydrant in the foreground and lampost in the background


Photo depicts: A young man is dancing in the middle of a crosswalk. His arms are spread, his fingers hold a cigarette and his left leg is lifted. Traffic backs up a block in front of him. Two...


The Tribune photo, dated June 13, 1948, has the following caption on the back: "A jump across the estuary landed 'Doc' [?] in Alameda; he says this was a view of Park avenue [street] at about the...

Oakland Myths - Alameda Flea Market

Ceramic sculpture in four parts. (D) White rectangular base with composition of figures and automobiles painted in black along lower edge. (C) Two partially visible red automobiles jut out from...

c. 1935
Summer 1936

A67.137.94343-53 came from Lange workprint file #37F "On the Road" - 10 photographs by Rothstein, 1 by Shahn


Clipping on the back of photo reads--"Aug. 23, 1989-Black Panthers march in Oakland in 1968 to protest arrest and trial of Newton for slaying of Oakland police officer..." Photo shows...

San Joaquin Valley, 1939

mount board creased on corners, edges of board stained yellow, pin hole u.l. of board


in Lange's hand, on original folder containing this photograph (pencil): On the Road - / see d. r - Labor on the move and by someone else (ink): #37 F...

Drought Refugees

in Lange's hand, on original folder containing this photograph (pencil): On the Road - / see d. r - Labor on the move and by somone else (ink): #37 F 151 prints / Mostly California 1935 / a...


In Lange's hand, on file folder (black crayon): Howard Family

 (Living on wheels)

Unable to find matching negative. Negative probably at Resettlement Administration

Midcontinent 1)Returned from California  2.) Returned

This photograph appears on page 60 of AN AMERICAN EXODUS by Dorothea Lange and Paul Schuster Taylor, 1939. The caption on page 61 is as follows: Canadian County Oklahoma, August 1938 / Returning...

 (Ten Children)

from work print collection

 (Looking for Work)

from work print collection

 (Oklahoma Refugees)
c. 1935

from work print collection


from work print collection

June 12th Rally For Disarmament

Poster ha a white border and red background overall. Along the edges at the top right corner is the text: "June / 12th Rally for / Disarmament". The top left corner has a small image...

The Largest Rainforest Destroyer: Mitsubishi
c. 1980

Poster has an image of a forest that has been cut down with green trees and brown earth. Above the forest are small red Mitsubishi logos and a car knocking down a tree. Below the image is "...


Poster has a background of red witha black border along the left and top edge. In the red is an outline of a car on fire. The poster reads, "Revolution is the Poor people's Crime of passion/ May...

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