25th annual Spiral Dance
Circa 2004

Poster advertising the 25th Annual Spiral Dance at Herbst Pavilion in Fort Mason (San Francisco). Poster has illustration of three femail figures in flowing robes, with moon and night scky in the...

The Gr'ups

Poster has red and black ink printed on white paper. At the top center is "The / Gr''ups". At the top left is "from San Francisco U.S.A." in a banner of a circle with an A and a basket in it. At...

Grateful Dead

Poster has a stylized image of a large wolf standing on a green island howling up at a yin yang sign in the sky. At the left is the city of New York and at the right is the city of San Francisco,...

Gateway to Indian America

Top of poster has a color stylized image of a North American Indian man in a wolf skin kneeling in front of a fire in a forest and conjuring a ghostlike-like wolf, appearing behind the man. At the...

untitled (wolf and man)

Poster has a wispy stylized image of the face of a wolf on top with a man below. The man has braids and feathers in his hair andand is wearing a dragonfly necklace. |

Mother Earth Spirituality

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a blue printed background with a vertical image showing an eagle at the top leading down to a kneeling man followed by crossed pipes forming the top of a...

In Wildness Is The Preservation Of The World
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a blue border. A photo of a wolf in the snow is in the middle of the poster. The bottom right edge of the poster reads "ANL510 Litho in U.S.A."

Denali - Alaska


Habitats Are Homes

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a brown background. At the left is a photo of a rainforest with white text at the top and a photo of the aftermath of a forest fire and an illustration...

Alaska Tundra/Arctic Wilderness
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Top of poster has a color image showing animals - bears, wolves, birds, bison, etc. - roaming around a green meadow with a pond at the left and snaking waters in the background. To the bottom left...

Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a central black printed background on off-white paper. in the black is a white and black image of two wolves, one lying on the ground looking up at another standing wolf. Across the top...

The Leader of the Pack

Poster has a black printed background. At the top is a color image of three wolves running over snow and rocks with trees and mountains in the background. At the bottom of the poster is "the...

untitled (wolves)

Poster has a color photo of a pack of wolves standing in the snow in front of a line of leafless tress.

Masquerade Ball

Poster has a stylized image of a naked female figure with a wolf''s head riding on a half-horse/half-man cenatur with a wolf howling at the moon in the background. The image is framed by a gray...


This double-sided poster advertises "An Organic / Festival of Life / Under / Full Moon / Super Vision". There are images of a Bald Eagle, an ape, blue flowers, a Hindu god, and large speakers on...

2000 Wolf Awareness Week

Poster has a central color image of a wolf standing alert among trees and bushes. At the top left corner of the image is a quote by Sigurd Olson''s "Open Horizons" in white. Above the image is "...

circa 1995

Poster consists of white print on a black background. Text at the top reads "Don''t let your fingers / do the chopping." The image depicts a human hand with fingers as chain...

2004 Wolf Awareness Week

Poster has a central image of two of wolves near a river in the snowy forest with dead leaves. To the bottom left of the image is a quote by Sigurd F. Olson''s "Reflection from the North Country"...

2002 Wolf Awareness Week

Poster has a central image of a pack of wolves near a pond in the snowy forest with dead leaves falling from branches that black ravens perch on. To the bottom right of the image is a quote by...

Wolves & Humans

Poster has a central color photo of a wolf standing on a mound of snow with snow falling and his eyes squinted. Photo set on a beige background with black text. Below the photo is "Wolvess &...

Wolf / Whale / Loon

Poster shows a wolf howling at a swirling blue and white moon in the sky. Image set on a black background. In white text at the bottom left of the image is "Last Song/Reina/Taos, NM". Centered...

Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a central image of a dead and skinned animal lying on the ground - it appears to be a wolf. Black background at the top and bottom. Red text at top reads "Fur" with "No Skin Off Your...

True West

Poster printed with blue and pink ink on white paper. Small text at top reads, "Mendocino Performing Arts Company" and continues in large white font outlined in pink, "True West." An image of a...

Jewels of the Prairie: Dry Prairie

One white poster with a brown border and full color images of the wildflowers, plants, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and insects of the Prairie. Each plant, animal or insect is labeled...

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