Image depicts Vukasin pouring coffee into a teacup. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


A piece of paper has been pasted to the back of the image, with the following typed on it, "AP NEWSFEATURES PHOTO PLEASE CREDIT (For use Sunday, July 11, 1982, with S.J. Guffey's Aurora, Colo.,...


An article pasted to the picture reads, "The holiday season got under way in earnest in the Eastbay [sic] following the Thanksgiving interlude. Spreading cheer outside the Emporium-Capwell's store...


Handwritten on front, "Lena Ramos manager of 'Fanstand' in Bayfair Mall with telephone helmet". The caption used for the picture has been pasted to the back of the image, which...

Instruction manual for a Hoover "Constellation" vacuum cleaner. On cover: "The New Hoover Constellation Cleaner Model 84, adds wings to your cleaning"; shows a woman with a dress, necklace and...

c. 1900

"John Bohan, one of Oakland's early blacksmiths, is in this group photo


Depiction: Close up of two workmen, one white, one African-American, who are repairing holes cut by student protestors in the wire fence surrounding the People's Park in Berkeley.

untitled (Smock used by Viola Frey)
mid 20th century to early 21st century

This is a blue button-down shirt used by Viola Frey as a smock when working with clay. The arms are rolled up to the elbow and dried clay is stuck to the surface of the cloth in multiple places...


Fabric doll of a gray mouse with ceramic head and hands. Doll is wearing a dress decorated with red flowers in vertical white blue and yellow stripes. Dress has sewn loops on one side and clear...

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