This is a mixed media installation constructed with metal shoe taps, an antique three-seat shoe-shine stand, assorted pairs of shoes that are spray-painted white, and delayed playback of ambient...

Gold Mountain Collection

Mixed media installation consisting of 48 Sierra Nevada ore rocks and 48 stainless steel rocks. The stainless steel rocks are created by exerting pressure on metal sheets wrapped around the ore...

April 2010

This installation includes a mosaic wall constructed with multiple pieces of Luan wood. The background of the wall is deep red and incorporates blocks of bright geometric patterns, text, and...


Single Channel Video installation. The viewer will see vertical bands of primary colors that appear onscreen and change in rhythm to an audio soundtrack. For instance, when a band of red color...


Single Channel Video Installation. A grid of white letters appears on a dark screen and change as a group to a steady beat. Certain characters freeze and turn green until the group of white...


(A) beta NTSC video tape, 51:18 minutes, black and white, silent. (B) DVD-R copy.


(A) beta NTSC video tape, 26:30 minutes, color, sound. (B) DVD-R copy.


(A) beta NTSC video tape, 36 minutes, black and white, sound. (B) DVD-R copy.

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