Sculpture of a human figure which appears to be singing and holding a musical instument. The figure is of a black, burnished clay on a wood stand


Mixed Media sculpture contains a wooden cut-out of a smiling male figure posed as if walking toward the viewer. The figure is dressed in a multi-colored button-down long-sleeved shirt, belted...


This is a mixed media glazed porcelain sculpture. A multicolored vase with a small plaque that says, "2002" forms the lower half of the work. Pieces of faux wood are attached to the top rim of...


This is a large sculpture made from polyethylene and resin in the form of a translucent green square with deckled edges. Faint horizontal lines appear at intervals across the front of the object...


This is an abstract, multi colored steel sculpture which resembles a tusk on a circlular base


This is a tall painted steel sculpture in 3 parts.


This glazed and painted ceramic sculpture has a composition of a semi-abstract human female torso with a large cricket perched where the figure's head would usually appear. The surface of the...

c. 1990

This is a low fired ceramic work consiting of 2 parts. Each part is a small assembled grid pattern.


Round base with long redwood plank-shape running through the middle which is kinetic. This shape is surrounded by triangular shapes near the base


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1950 NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1896 ARTIST DEATH: 1983


Ceramic wall piece depicting a red figure with arms crossed in front of it.


A ceramic sculpture of a shipwreck is composed of a circular base with rough texture that resembles the ocean floor and supports three sections of a ship that has detached at bow and stern. The...


Ceramic sculpture of the mid section of a ship. Ship is on a flat textured base that is blue in color (water?) with a circular ring on one side.. Bottom four decks of ship, represented by port...


Glazed porcelain trompe l'oiel sculpture of an artist's palette. A large round artist's palette holds patches of pastel paint, two paint tubes, a pack of Gauloises cigarettes, a fork, and a piece...


Shadow box with three bars of soap inside. Each bar of soap has an identicle "soap drawing". The box sits on a terry cloth pedastal.


ed. of 5


This is a pink sculpture which appears to be a stomach cinched with a belt


ed. of 9


Wooden sculpture incorporating a tree branch. Figure with webbed feet stands on rounded base. Body includes five carved hands painted with insects and pierced with small nails. Carved green duck...


Base is a large plank of wood whose surface is carved with the flat image of an ax and a three-dimensional stump.. A large branch is attached at one end of the board and curves upward. A carved...


A ceramic sculpture of a figure appears lying on its side in a fetal position. The surface of the figure is covered with brightly colored graphics including multiple faces, circular designs, an...


Mixed media sculpture of ceramic and wire with polychrome pastel coloring. A large ceramic slab with rounded edges contains a graphic of an abstract face. Trailing from the ceramic slab, garland...

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