Pledge of Allegiance|One Nation Indivisible|One Nation Indivisible, San Francisco|Pledge of Allegiance at Rafael Weill Elementary School a Few Weeks Prior to Evacuation, San Francisco
From All Walks of Life

Poster has a blue printed background. At the bottom is a stylized black, white, blue and purple image of people walking across a bridge. At the top is purple text starting with "from all walks of...

Earth Pledge

Poster has a black printed background with a color image of the earth as seen from space. Across the top is "Earth Pledge" in multiple colors. At the bottom is "I Pledge To Protect The Earth, /...

A Pledge for Peace

Poster has a black printed background with a central female figure. The woman''s face is painted in blue, white and red stripes and she hold her right hand over her heart. The woman''s body is...

untitled (rainbow in the clouds)

Poster has a stylized image of a sparkling rainbow among a sky full of light blue clouds. At the bottom center, four blue balloons float up. At the bottom right is blue text reading "I...

I pledge allegiance to the flag
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster has the pledge of allegiance on the upper portion with a centered, drawn photo of two Japanese individuals, one male and one female, in a camp surrounded by barbed wire. In small writing...

The Pledge of Allegiance
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white paper. The front of the poster has a blue background with black text in the top right corner that reads: "The Pledge Of Allegiance / I pledge allegiance / to the flag /...

One World...One People Pledge

Poster has a drawing of the earth in the upper left with "One World...One People" in black around it. On the right and below are red white and blue stripes with text. The poster reads, "I pledge a...

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