maya angelou

Come. And be my baby.
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster for the Poems on the Underground series with a poem by Maya Angelou in two columns, black text on a white background. Red hearts between each word in the phrase "And be my baby."

Maya Angelou

Poster has a background showing four color illustrations. The top left image shows a woman on a porch of a building named "Willie''s" while other figures roam about; at the top right of the image...

Maya Angelou
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a light purple printed background with a beige and purple leafe design at the left and right edges. At the top is "Celebrating the writing of" in blue and "Maya / Angelou" in purple....

Outstanding Black Americans of the 20th century

Poster has a printed purple border all around with a green background at the left and a stylized color image at the right. At the top of the purple in yellow is "Outstanding / Black Americans / of...

Black American Authors

Poster printed on white paper. Across the top in purple is "Black American Leaders". Rest of poster is divided into six sections - three coulmns/two rows - outlined in purple. Each section has an...

Maya Angelou

Poster has a brown and blue background with green and white text. The top left has a image of Maya Angelou. Poster reads, "One Joyous Evening of Spirit, Warmth & Wit/ Maya Angelou/ with...

Maya Angelou with Jessica Mitford, Linda Tillery & The Cultural Heritage Choir

Poster has a white and green border overall. The top of the poster has a brown background with a photograph of Maya Angelou smiling at left. At right, the top of the poster has a small green...

Maya Angelou Celebrates the Word

Poster has a wide unprinted white border and a narrow printed tan border. Background of poster is blue with the stylized image of Maya Angelou smiling at left. The top edge of the poster has...

One world
c. 1996

Poster consists of a full color image and purple and black print on white paper. Image depicts a girl in a green dress standing on the top of a hill/mountain singing with a dove on either side of...


Small poster with a black and white photograph of Maya Angelou seated. Over her shirt in white is, "Maya Angelou Inaugural Poem January 20, 1993." The poem reads, "History, despite Its wrenching...

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