Fireworks Graphics Collective ~ printer

Free All Puerto Rican Prisoners Of War!

Background of poster has an orange and black stylized drawing of a man's face overall; the man has thick eyebrows and a mustache. The top of the poster has text in white: "Free All...

To Negate Independence  / Is to Incite Violence!

This is a red poster with white text and a black image of a machine gun, soldiers, and a male figure. The machine gun extends at an angle from the bottom left edge to the top right edge and the...

Resist The Warmakers
c. 1985

Poster has a teal and brown background with brown text. Main image is of a United States general wearing glasses that have pictures of people protesting in the lenses; the right lens has an image...

Stop Racist Attacks
c. 1985

Poster has a black and red background wtih white text. Poster reads, "Stop Racist Attacks," against a brick background. In the lower half of the poster is a timeline of four events starting with...

Si Nicaragua Vencio, El Salvador Vencera! [If Nicaragua could win, El Salvador will too!]

Poster has a stippled black background with black and purple text. Towards the top is a calendar for 1984 and below that is an image of three people wearing bandanas over the bottom half of their...

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