Pitcher, ceramic with reddish brown glaze inside and out; spout and handle; concentric ridges on the bottom.

From the History Information Station:

Object: Pitcher, red earthenware,...

Pitcher. Description: Buff earthenware milk pitcher with lustrous brown glaze.

From the History Information Station:

Pitcher, red earthenware,or redware. Sometimes called a "batter...

tin pitcher

Pitcher, orange ground

(D. Cooper, 6/2000) A shard of this ceramic pattern was excavated at the Peralta Hacienda site on Paxton Ave. in Oakland in 1996 by archaeologist Kathrine Flynn...


Glass pitcher. The base has a chrysanthemum like form. Five star like forms around base with chiseled stripes almost to the throat. Handle pulled from the throat down to just where the stars...

c. 1934|c. 1930-1940

Cylindrical shape; half encircled banded lift; encircling throw lines at top; wedge spout; uranium orange glaze.


Cast porcelain, gray/green "art glaze." The art glaze may be a variant of or a faulty crystalline glaze. (HB)


Elongated barrel shape ceramic pitcher, narrow at base and lip. Parallel lines etched into clay form bands on the body of the piece. Thick, brown, pitted glaze with blisters due to impurities in...

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