A smiling Cesar Chavez stands in front of a large United Farm Workers Banner that advocates a boycott of grapes. Standing with him is John George, an Alameda County Supervisor. The photographer...


There are two distinct pieces of information on the back of the photo; one is a penciled notation placed there by the appropriate person on the staff of the Oakland Tribune, and it reads "4- cols...


Photo depicts: According to notes on the back of the photo, a crowd threw turkeys through the window of the meat department at the Berkeley Safeway. At least two windows are mostly broken out.


Photo depicts: The front store windows at the Berkeley Safeway have been broken out. Photo shows the entrance at the automatic doors, the Safeway Drug Center sign in the distance and a stand of...


Photo depicts: A Safeway clerk is shoveling pieces of glass which lie inside the store after at least five of its large, front windows were broken out. Curtains sway in the wind.


Photo depicts: Photo take from top of building and looking down into a very large crowd of people who have filled the streets and an intersection. People are also sitting on building rooftops. The...

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