Looking Down the Weber from Stone Quarry
Cut No. 2 , West of Wasatch
Castle Rock Station
Side Cutting
Giants Club, Green River
Windmill, Columbus
Quaking Aspen Grove, White Pine Canyon
Eastern Portal of Tunnel No. 3
Echo City, Looking South West
Rifted Rocks, Black Hills
Old Capitol, Omaha
Steam Boat Rocks, Echo Canyon
Mack's Cut
Colfax and Party
Castle Rock, No. 2, [Echo]
Reeds Rock near [View] Summit
Looking West, from Strawberry Ford
Green River, Side Cut with Engine
Parley's Park
Looking into the Devil's Gate, Weber From the South
Cut No. 5, West of Wasatch
Great Trestle Near Tunnel No. 2
Trestle Across Great Z, with Engine
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