A Pledge for Peace

Poster has a black printed background with a central female figure. The woman''s face is painted in blue, white and red stripes and she hold her right hand over her heart. The woman''s body is...

Bread and puppet theater
Late 20th century

One black and white poster with a large image of a female puppet in a white dress on stilts and two people/puppets lying on the floor beneath her. Printed vertically down the right side is "Bread...

Poetry Reading Benefit

Poster printed with blue ink white paper. "Poetry Reading Benefit" is printed at top in large font and continues below in smaller text, "To extend The International Year of the Child, 1979 into...

Why girls too muct know the steps
Late 20th century

One poster with a black and white image of a man and woman in formal dress dancing with numbered shoeprints showing dance steps beneath them. Behind the figures is a rectangle with filmstrip like...

Pink Flamingos
c. 1973

One movie poster with the image of the drag queen Divine. Divine is depicted staniding on a white cloud in a pink dress with a gun in her right hand and big dangling earring. In the top left...

John Rothermel at Bimbo's
c. 1973

One black and white poster with "John Rothermel at Bimbo's" at the top, "John Rothermel" is in red. Beneath that is a drag queen in a dress and with gloved arms and head extended up in a "Y" shape...

Femme Fatale

One red poster with white and black print. Along the top is "From award winning European tour / Hibiscus and Angel Jack / present / Femme Fatale." Under that is an image of four men wearing wigs,...

Farewell performance Sylvester-Bon voyage
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster consists of purple print on white paper. Image in a octogon shape depicts an African American woman in a sequined dress and a boa. Text includes ticket information and "Farwell Performance...

Carnival '84

Poster is printed on white paper with text and images in black, red, and green. The left side of the poster has a stylized drawing of a woman in a black, red, and green dress and matching...

Los dos fridas
c. 1985

Three-fourth of the poster consists of a photograph of the painting "Los Dos Fridas 1939" by Friday Kahlo. The image depicts two Frida Kahlos sitting next to each other holding hands with their...


Poster has a white and black background with pink, white, and black text. Main image is of a female figure wearing bright pink lipstick and a dress with ruffled sleeves. Poster reads starting from...

Not every boy wants to be a soldier

Poster has a background image of a man wearing a pink lace ballgown looking wistfully at a cherry blossom tree. He is holding a sign on a stick that reads, "Not Every Boy Wants to be a Soldier."...

BrandyBucks Hand Made Originals
c. 1968

Poster has a green and black drawing of a store front in a Victorian building. Above the door is a yellow sign with 'BrandyBucks Hand Made Originals dresses and leather goods 133 Geary Bldg." In...

Not every boy wants to be a soldier

Poster has a background image of a man wearing a pink lace ballgown looking wistfully at a cherry blossom tree. He is holding a sign on a stick that reads, "Not Every Boy Wants to be a...

 (Seated Lady Holding a Basket)|Basket of Fruit

Union case (black), ninth-plate; Basket of Fruit (Krainik #402). Double elliptical mat, purple velvet insert; paper backing with label.

 (Looking for Work)

from work print collection

 (Texas Family)

see A67.137.93534 & .94218 for other photographs of this family from work print collection


A woman reclines on a chair in a lush red decorated room. She leans her right arm on a small table and rests her head in her right hand. She wears a gold bracelet and carries a fan in her left...


Costume sketch by Edith Head of a dress for Joanne Gilbert from "Red Garter," (Paramount 1954. It is an ink gouache on artist's illustration paper, featuring Joanne Gilbert as "Sheila Winthrop"...


From the caption that ran with the image: "Summer Campers--Among the last official acts of Vice Mayor Peter M. Tripp was participatioin in awards of camping trips to four youngsters. In the...


Handwritten on back, " Mayor Elihu Harris Inaugural Ball was attended by Chantel Keys and sisters, Ann and Daniel [sic] Keys all from Oakland." Image depicts the three girls in eveningwear.


From the caption that ran with the image: "Easily one of the most elegant parties of the season was the Symphony Guild's Nov. 1 Allegro Ball at the Claremont Hotel, where Mmes. Thomas...

A description of the production has been pasted to the back of the image, describing the performers and principal persons involved in the production, "The Gospel At Colonus". Also included are...

ca. 1915-1920

brocaded ribbon bodice of blue silk grosgrain, 3 tiers embriodered net with orange and blue ribbon trim and one tier of embroidered net of yellow metallic fiber. Photo of Estrellita in this...

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