yellow, round button with red writing: Congress Carter Democrat


Pin reading "I took the Taco Poll."


This button most likely refers to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans Frontiers in French).

MSF was founded in 1971 by a small group of French doctors who believed that all people have...


The round, black button reads "War Without End? Not In Our Name" in bold white type.


The round, black button reads "War Without End? Not In Our Name" in bold white type.

orange button with balck drawings and text. The text reads "Ouch! by prowler fouler" The image is of two eyes blinking with a large mask over them below is a mouth, crinkeling its lips- it is...


round, white button with black text "Tracks are back!" the Amtrak symbol in red and blue is written below.

orange-red button with black text which reads "OUCH! by stun-gun"


a round, gold button with Scott Newhall written along the circumfrense and the city of San Francisco's official seal in the middle

c. 1925

IBM 7-24-02: Beth Bettencourt created this special gift for her mother, Lillian Bettencourt. Beth could have been around 10 years of age. She used a commercially produced celluloid doll with...


large round button has a picture of Ross Perot in the center (color), with a red border along the circumfernce, with white type reading "H. Ross Perot for President '92"


yellow, round button with a green border along the circumference, text in green reads "March on Washington- San Francsico- out now NPAC" In red and green is the date "April 24"


1-1/2" R/W/B Celluloid. Issued on behalf of Los Angeles Mayor Samuel Yorty's 1972 campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Button is red, white & blue, '72 is on top, Yorty for...

c. 1972

White button shows the profile of Senator Sam Ervin, underneath which is written "Uncle Sam"


Round political button, with pin on back. It features a white dove over a green background, over which the words "Nov. 6 SMC" are printed in green. E. Horn Phila, PA written on underside edge.

Photo album - Parrott family - bound in plastic. Cover image in color of colonial man and girl. Brass fittings; green cut velvet back cover. This album also contains family pictures of Therese...

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