20th Century

ceramic vessel with four legs. Column capitols on top of legs. Two handles on either side of vessel (scroll motif on handles)

Standing Man Blue

Male figure in seven pieces with blue mottled surface. Figural portions are nestled in slabs that stack vertically.

Standing Woman Pale Blue

Female figure in seven pieces with blue mottled surface. Figural portions are nestled in slabs that stack vertically.

ca. 1940

Plate. Description: Plate, luncheon, Bauer Ware, low fire ceramic, turquoise glaze; probably earthenware. Condition very good-some slight crazing in center. Dimensions: 9 3/8" diam x 1"....


Mixed media sculpture depicts a human figure with the head of a bear. The figure stands with a metal cane topped with the skull and feathers of a bird. Another bird's skull rests on the ground...


Sculpture in three pieces. Figurative heads with painted eyes, nose, and teeth lay in a jumble on top of a dark brown base. Smaller sections are rectangular, and larger section has one pointed...

Untitled (Blue Boy, Pink Cherub, Black Eye)

Ceramic wall-hanging. Large plate with multiple figures attached including a blue boy holding a football, a pink cherub, a black eye with lashes, a hand, and other geometric forms.


Ceramic sculpture in three parts. (A) Sculpture of female figure resting against ceramic 'sticks' below a standing male figure. (B) The torso of the male figure is separate and rests on the...


Large ceramic sculpture bust of a woman with a bowler hat. Woman has an elongated face and brown hair. Her clothing is brown with a v-neck opening and is painted onto the dome shaped base. The...


Unglazed white ceramic sculpture mounted on wood under a Plexiglas vitrine. Rectangular slab of ceramic is formed with wavy surface and a large peak at center similar to a cross-section of a...


Ceramic, string and porcupine quill/hair sculpture. Sculpture has a ceramic inverted arched base that rocks. Twine is strung across the arch at the top third and again, but in a grid fashion, at...

c. 1970

Raku fired stoneware vase. Vase has a round bottom and a larger oval top. Glaze


This shallow bowl is most likely Acoma. It is a low-fired earthenware with a natural reddish slip, painted with a brown abstract design. Made for the souvenir trade (PCK, 3/1/05).


This small Acoma pot is low-fired earthenware with a white matte slip, painted with black and red ochre in a traditional geometric design (PCK, 3/1/05).


This is a traditional Acoma design on a low--fired earthenware pot mostly like made for the souvenir trade (PCK, 3/1/05).


This is a hollow figurine of an owl of low-fired earthware with a white matte slip and decorated with black lines (PCK, 3/1/05).


Acoma pot made by artist and sold to buyer in New Mexico. Typically traditional Acoma geometric design painted with red ochre and black on a white semi-matte slip. Vessel is low-fired...


Exhibited at Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, 1999 and at Works Gallery, Sonoma, 1997. Dimensions variable

Ceramic vase, stright sides with a receding opening. It is decorated with a grey brown color in a wash like drips from the top. It has a stamped seal on the base which reads FUL?ER.


Ceramic vase in the Arts and Crafts style, glazed in green, with two angled arms on the sides of the mouth. It has two bands with decorations in reveal. No markings on the base.


Small ceramic vase in the Arts and Crafts style. The vase has incised drawing with color applied to the fields. The decoration is a bird perched on a branch with a field of reeds at the base. It...


Vase debris collected from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire by Benjamin Franklin Edwards, the donor's grandfather. This is a small vase, with a round bottom part, a straight neck and...

Plate made for Southern Pacific lines by Onondaga Pottery in Syracuse, N.Y. It features on Ruby Lilly, one Azalea: one California Poppy and one Baby Blue Eyes, and this model is called " Pairie...


Ceramic vase in the Arts and Crafts style. It is decorated in registers, with a black band at the bottom. The band on the shoulder is richly decorated with circles and florals in different colors...

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