mixed media


Wood sculpture of a boat house. Lower story has portholes out the sides, some with pipes extending out of them. The back end appears as if it has broken off and the interior floor is taken up a...


Mixed media sculpture in three parts. All three consist of a painted brown wooden post mounted to a clear square plexi base. (A) has a blue grooved top with a blue resin pool and a block white...


Mixed media sculpture. Sculpture rests on a metal turning base that is hidden beneath the sculpture itself. It consists of a tower of mixed media that includes mirror shards, hair curlers, beads...


Plaster and wood sculpture. Plaster head sculpted onto a wooden tripod attached to a square plywood base. Twine is visible near the eyes and forehead and hanging down from the front of the neck...


Mixed media sculpture consisting of an acrylic box frame on which are mounted three low fire clay sculptures of bones. Acrylic and bones are painted beige and bones have letters handwritten all...


This is a mixed media installation constructed with metal shoe taps, an antique three-seat shoe-shine stand, assorted pairs of shoes that are spray-painted white, and delayed playback of ambient...

Gold Mountain Collection

Mixed media installation consisting of 48 Sierra Nevada ore rocks and 48 stainless steel rocks. The stainless steel rocks are created by exerting pressure on metal sheets wrapped around the ore...

20th century

This is a decorative object made out of Camel cigarette boxes. The shape of the object is a heart surrounding a rectangular woven mat. The heart is constructed with the brown, yellow, and cream...

20th century

This is a rectangular folded paper frame made out of Camel cigarette boxes. The back of the frame has a built-in folded paper stand.


Rectangular wooden box with 25 marshmallows inside


Mixed media installation of Mickey Mouse and four circles of different size and color


Mixed media model of a penguin with a cotton fabric background printed with an Arctic snow scene in a wall mounted wood and glass diorama case


Oval mixed media wall piece

c. 1962

Abstract collage of mixed media on masonite. Objects such as a plug, lightbulb, string, and cloth are attached to the composition at left. The majority of the composition is covered with matte...


This is a mixed media collage of two color photographs mounted on panel and covered with epoxy resin. The photographs contain two similar portraits of a man wearing a knit cap and are combined so...


Mixed media sculpture that includes a wood table (A), wood knife with text handwritten in pencil (B), paintbrush (C), green Gillette Blue Blades box (D), black wire with a 1977 $5 dollar bill (E...


Mixed media wall hanging sculpture. Bottom section is a large square painting, set on the diagonal, of two dogs in a basket hanging inside a mining shaft. Text around dogs says, "CONDEMNED FOR...


This is a mixed media golf bag with 12 clubs and the gucci insignia on the outside of the bag.


Mixed media sculpture consists of a figurative vehicle (a) mounted at an angle with a metal wall mount (b-e). The vehicle component of the sculpture consists of multiple small cylindrical plastic...

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