Natural straw hat with wide brim and red grossgrain around the shallow crown, bow at back, and navy blue felt in the front, trimmed with two metallic gold stars. Elastic band on the inside of...


A: Small cap pistol of silver colored metal, with a cross hatched handle grip, a red star on either side and the word "Trooper." B: Tan leather holster resembles tooled leather; has a...

c. 1905

badge. Description: seven point, curved, nickle plated brass police badge, printed in black: "POLICE 76 OFFICER. Dimensions: 3-1/4" diam. x 3/8" condition: very good. History: Badge number...


Quilt - patch work - unfinished. Unlined. Made by Mrs. Morse, Harry. N. Morse's mother.


Given to John Clyle Maddock upon his retirement from The Oakland Fire Dept.He reached the rank of inspector, and served a total of 26 years.

c. late 1800's

Badge. Description: "Deputy Constable, Brooklyn Township #3" 6-pointed star; made of silvery metal. Information on back regarding maker: "Ed Jones, 906 Broadway, Oakland". History: The...


This is a pieced cotton quilt, made in Wisonsin by Cynthia Tibbets Wilder (mother of Henrietta Wilder Williams). Coming across the continent, Mrs. Wilder moved to California in the middle of the...


Signed by the owner, Fumiko Sakamoto (a Japanese American) who was probably interned at a "Relocation Center" during World War II. The Booklet is full of sweater, sock and cap, etc. patterns to...

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