Cane, curious twisted growth

Cane, manzanita, gnarled growth

Cane of scrub pine, natural root head

Cane, curious distorted growth.

Cane of cactus wood

Cane of manzanita

Cane, vertebrae of shark.  Orange wood head

Cane with carved snake.

Cane. Carved and painted (or dyed) wood,snakes, eagle on caactus with green, red, white ribbon-like strips. Probably from Mexico.

Cane. Shellacked wood with bone handle; metal ring joining bone and wood; slightly tapered.

Cane, wood with crook handle, decorative scarification from cut-off branches; silver colored tip.

Stick, wooden walking stick in three pieces screwed together, metal tip at either end.


Cane made of wood. The wood came from the bow of the sprit of the old "Independence" at Goat Island in 1903 by Mr. C. P. Shockly, husband of the donor.


Rapier cane, silver mounted. Used in California by Joseph Smith, 1857

Cane made from wood of the "John Jay". The ship that brought Lafayette on second trip.

Shillalah, Irish. Probably made of blackthorn

Walking stick of wood.  Egg shape handle of different kinds & colors of wood inserted to form an oval design with a small checkerboard design on top.  A one inch sterling silver...

Cane, of wood from old "Constitution".  Ivory top, with silver mountings.  Received from:  Franklin Hawes


Cane, curious style

Walking stick. Has an engraved white metal knob

Walking stick, plain wood

Good condition.  Cracked near knots on handle. Some scratches and dings to length of shaft. (AJourdenais 8/234.5005)


A:  Right shoe, dark gray suede high top sports shoe with a black suede eagle design over the toe cap.  The side heel of the shoe is machine stitched in yellow in stylized Aztec-like...


Pair of child's Mary Jane shoes are white leather with appliqued pieces of red and green leather to create images of cherries.  A: right shoe, B: left shoe.  Shoes are size 4-8 and...

1883? (1870)

White satin wedding slippers. Material: Satin. Shape: Low cut, square toe, rosette, Louis heel. Color: White. Date: 1883? (1870). Description: Satin cracked because of poor storage

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